No beer and noTV...

Forget TV. Arrested Development will die a natural death. My Name is Earl may be promising, but on the whole the medium of television is done.

My theory is the wealth of choice available via cable killed it. I remember when no matter what was on, you were automatically watching one of the top three shows in that timeslot. I still only have rabbit ears.

Oh well, no we have the beautiful internet to waste our time!


Suicide Girls

Am I an ineffeciant surfer? Am I out of the loop? Why am I only finding out about this now! And from the Onion, and not a trusted friend? I will have to do more investigation into this, but what could be bad about it? It is nekked goth chicks!


Washed-Up Depeche Mode

I have a very interesting article called"Why Washed-Up Depeche Mode is the Best Band You Aren't Listenting To" which you will never read. The gist of it is that after Violator, Depeche Mode took a nose-dive in popularity but spiked in almost all other respects.

Two quick points: 1. I know Songs of Faith and Devotion saw a considerable amount of popularity, but the follow-up song-for-song Live version was a horrible marketing decision, but may have been the fire that created the phoenix of WuDM. 2. "Washed-Up" refers to popularity only. I borrow the term from many a sad band that reunites, or continues on past their prime. Such would be the assumption here, but the whole point that I am making is that the contrary is true.

So now there is another single out, maybe even a new album already. Needless to say I am excited, but apprehensive. Not that the quality will dip, but that it may spur a resurgance. This would kill the pet band nature of WuDM and return them to "mainstream alternative" status. Pet bands are always cooler, but I would continue to listen if the fans returned in droves.

Final point: Yes, I am basically saying that It's No Good is better than Everything Counts (In Large Amounts.) Rehab kicks hair dye's ass. Wanna make something of it?


Arrested Development

I have rabbit ears. I can see David Cross on network TV. There is so little out there that is this good. Please help. I am not suggesting a grassroots letter writing campaign, just watch the show! Buy the products that they advertise. Support good TV.


You Do Not Like Colplay

Go buy a Radiohead CD. If this is too much for you try Travis. But repat after me, "I do not like water-down Brit-Pop."