What I Like About the Universe

I now own Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith on DVD. The only rationalizations I can give for this are being a slave to my childhood, and closure. What is sad is I know there will be a box set of the prequels if not all six movies re-issued and I will buy them all again! Because Lucas knows that he can add three minutes and some more CG BS to the film and I, along with other salivating Gen-X drones, will lie awake at night if we don't have the new one. I may actually have to buy a humidor for my original version VHS tapes so that I will always be able to see Han shoot Greedo first. I may even have to throw my Special Edition tapes in there too so I won't have to scratch my head every time Hayden Christiansen pops up at the end of Jedi.

On a slightly less self-loathing note, I also bought the Simpsons season 7. I have not determined yet which season is the last one worth buying, but the most recent years are not worth owning. I am guessing roughly season 11, which is about 2001. These are the last ones I know were good, but there may be one or two salvagable episodes in the past 4 years. Season 7 on the other hand, may have more grade A episodes than any other season. Including my favorite episode ever, King Sized Homer! On the other hand I haven't seen much of the past few years, but maybe I will just Netflix them. Netflix, the Simpsons, and Star Wars- There are actually somethings I do like about the universe!