Gen Y can, for the most part, bite me

Having an i-Pod doesn't make you a bad person. Mountaineer has an i-Pod. She never posts, despite her promise, but she does have a Steve Jobs sanctioned MP3 player. It is just something that I don't get. Wearing flip-flops on the other hand is just a bad idea. If you are going to the beach, or taking a shower in a locker room, plastic sandals are fine. If you are wearing them with casual attire, or to the White House you may want to reconsider. Even if they are really, really nice flip-flops. When you get right down to it, I obviously just begrudge them their youth. And since I want to grow old as gracefully as possible, I will be magnamus about it. But on the whole and in general, they are still a bunch of punks.

Not that any of this matters. I only think one person reads this. From now on, if you find this blog you must post a comment declaring that you have found it and are on your way to being deemed Ultrahip. Even if you are a Gen Y consumerist drone.