100 Greatest albums cause I said so

Lulukins must contribute. Pezda must contribute. J must contribute. Jilly if you're out there. Other submissions will be considered.


pezda said...

I'll contribute, but my submissions will reflect more of my all-time favorites. So, no Beatles, or Stones (Rolling, that is), no Led Zepplin, no Elvis (Presley, that is), many of the "standard" top 100 darlings will be absent. It's no that I dislike these artists, just that I dislike their music. Well, that's not entirely true, but these artists haven't had the impact on me and my life that others may have.

Red said...

Okay, I'm betting neither of these will make your list, baby, but I would put up 2 outstanding concept albums, both of which I know I've mentioned to you before. INNOCENT MAN by Billy Joel, and FLY by the Dixie Chicks. (I may have to make you listen to that someday, even if it is country.) THE WHITE ALBUM and SGT. PEPPER... are both damn good, of course. I'm also fond of AC/DC BACK IN BLACK, but even I can't really say that makes the top 100. I'll keep thinking. You know, I would put FLOOD on there, though I know you prefer LINCOLN.

pezda said...

Even as I write this post I am thinking of other albums that should be on this list, but it's too late for them. The polls have closed. There are some current favs listed, but my top selections all seem to stem from the same time period, hmm. My top 63 albums listed in no particular order (other than reverse numerical) are:
63 Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
62 Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman
61 Ray Charles - The Genius of Ray Charles
60 Original Cast Recording - Rent
59 Strokes, The - Room on Fire
58 10,000 Maniacs - Blind Man's Zoo
57 Gorillaz - Gorillaz
56 Police - Ghost In The Machine
55 Suzanne Vega - 99.9 F
54 Matthew Sweet - Altered Beast
53 Elvis Costello - This Years Model
52 Echo & the Bunnymen - Songs to Learn and Sing
51 Smiths - Meat Is Murder
50 Squeeze - Singles 45 & Under