Garlic, Holy Water, and a good Bloody Mary (the cure for a Vampire Weekend)

No matter how tempted you are, stay away from Vampire Weekend. They Suck. You will be trying the hide these behind your Dave Matthews CD's in a few years. Though CD's are all but obsolete now anyway. And no one can really see even the most embarrassing MP3's that you own, but you should still feel a sense of shame for enabling these dillweeds.

I have repeatedly tried to go give them a chance. They still suck. The only good that has come from their existence is the surreal Hot Chip cover featuring Peter Gabriel and one more easy way to identify a dillweed (which is the term I have chosen from a long list of potential pejoratives to describe both the band and what I assume to be their stereotypical fan base. Douchebag seems like a natural winner, but as that is the curse-du-jour, I am sure most of those dillweeds have been using douchebag like it is going out of style. Which it is.) Though I will say the chick on the cover of their new album is quite cute, so I do not mind at all displaying the picture in these hallowed halls of coolness.


BeckEye said...

HAHAHAHA...thank you so much for this. I remember a couple of years ago when they were the new hot shit, and I saw them on SNL and was like "WHAT THE FUCK?" And now their new album is pretty much ripping off Paul Simon but in a much more annoying way. They have a couple of songs I kinda like, but overall, you're right. They're dillweeds.

Do Animal Collective next!!

Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD, the Roamin' Cat said...