She Wants Revenge

After about the third listen I have finally put my finger on why these guys seem to fall short. In the same way Interpol is a perfect blend of Joy Division and The Smiths, these guys blend Joy Division and Depeche Mode. The former is a more organic blend, but the latter isn't like peanutbutter and sardines. The problem is the early minimalist (not on purpose) Depeche Mode that they ape in order for it to mesh with the now ubiquitos Ian Curtis impression. Even DM didn't want to use that style. It was the limitation of the technology at the time. They are now full and rich and push the threshhold of being over the top. That is good music. I hope these guys ditch the monotone drone and go full on WuDM for their sophmore effort. Right now this guy's vocal talent is almost on par with my own impressive one octave range.

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