Top 100 New Rules Picks

Since we have now changed the rules to essentially be any recording with more than 4 songs, here are some revisions to the list:

37. Nine Inch Nails - Broken (replaces Pretty Hate Machine)
81. Squeeze - Singles, 45's & Under
68. Billy Bragg - Back to Basics (replaces Life's a Riot w/ Spy v SPy)
82. Echo & the Bunnymen- Songs to Learn and Sing
23. Joy Division - Permanent (replaces Closer)


24. Matthew Sweet - Altered Beast (compromise between Girlfriend and 100% Fun)
79. The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute (replaces Deloused)
83. They Might Be Giants - Flood
84. Ian McCollough - Mysterio

And the current working top 10 countdown:

10. The Smiths - Strangeways Here We Come
9. U2 - Achtung Baby
8. The Cure - Disintegration
7. The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
6. The Smiths - The Queen is Dead
5. Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes
4. Depeche Mode - Violator
3. The Clash - Combat Rock
2. The Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
1. Radiohead - Kid A


pezda said...

So under these new "looser" guidelines would Substance count?

pezda said...

What about Depeche Mode's 101, one of my favorites.

Evil Genius said...

New Order "Substance" would count. And will probably be highly ranked. And DM "101" will definitely garner strong consideration, depending on which othe DM albums are chasen and how many. I would say 101 and Violator would pretty much cover it, except you know hom much I love washed-up Depeche Mode!

Jason C said...
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Jason C said...

fxck the smiths.

and not every Elvis Costello album should be worth mentioning. geez.

do you have the sex pistols on there?
and how about 'Legend' ... Bob Marley? I copied that cassette off of you in highschool.

and yes, I am still mad that you missed 'Graceland'.

and if there _has_ to be a Mathew Sweet album on there then it should be 'girlfriend' ... geez if you put Mathew Sweet on there then you might as well put Lenny Kravitz 'mama said' or 'are you gonna go my way?'

what about Live (for you, not me)? Charlatans UK?

and take 'Achtung Baby' off of there and put 'Joshua Tree' or 'Rattle and
Hum' ... you know you listened to those two albums way more than you ever did 'Achtung'.

if you didn't then you should be ashamed.

Hail To The Thief said...

Kid A is a genuine masterpiece.