The Color and the Shape of Things

Isn't it time we recognize that the Foo Fighters have surpassed Nirvana in nearly all aspects? They are far superior in almost all respects. The nagging one is cultural signifigance. And Nirvana rates higher only due to the tyrany of tradition. Thier influence is greater, but it is just more sucky crap that they influenced. One of the best parts of alternative music is the way it challenges you. And every once n a while a band like Nirvana comes along and you wonder, am I just not getting it or do they really just suck? In retrospect I can see some aspects of their talent and ingenuity. But for 15 years afterward they inspired the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. Essentially morphing every alternative rock radio station across the country into alt metal. That is until another culturally significant band, The Strokes, ushered us into the New Golden Age. Not that I see The Strokes as saviors, but they sure did help. my point being, why don't stoned college kids hang Dave Grohl posters on their walls? Maybe Foo Fighters just don't market enough swag. Is that what passes for cultural signifigance these days?


pezda said...

Yes. Yes it is.

Evil Genius said...

I saw a FF sticker on a Prius yesterday. It made me happy. This is in no way intended to evoke any D*n H*nnl*y lyrics. [That name is a curse word around here.]