Recent CD purchases

1. NIN - "with_teeth" : Yeah, yeah. I still don't own "The Fragile" yet either. But this was on sale and I know I liked some of the songs already. "Everyday is Exactly the Same'' is some of his best work, and being that I used to hear it repetedly on my way to my mind-numbingly boring job, it became a mantra.

2. The Arcade Fire - "Funeral" : Why did I not expect a concept album to be variations of the same song? Why did I not just wait for the new one? How many neighborhoods do these guys live in? Where is Canada anyway?

3. Placebo -"Meds " : I haven't opened it yet, but I know the title track which I instantly loved. And it appears to have a cover of "Running Up That Hill" as a bonus track. I am assuming this is the Kate Bush song and not just a coincidental title. I hate when that happens.

4. Regina Spektor - "Begin to Hope": I have obeyed her command! This album filled me with warmth and joy. It is innocent but not naive. And when she starts singing in Russian I want to hump the speakers. I would be in love with her, but I am not worthy. She is the Visa check card.

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Winter said...

I dig the number 4.