The Ting Tings and other things

J: My new favorite band ...

... at least for this week.

EG: Love that song. In addition to the iPod commercials it has been on heavy rotation on Sirius. Same with "Hot Hot Sex." And Flight of the Conchords must be coming out with something new because they keep playing "Business Time" which I will invariably crank. I also heard "Losing My Edge" by LCD Soundsystem for the first time and immediately thought of you...but in a good way!

EG: Oh, and I also like "Graveyard Girl" by M83 which you would probably hate.

J: Graveyard girl is a nice throwback to the late 80's ... New Order / Ocean Blue ...
I like this Ting Tings song better. They remind me of what Blondie would sound like if she were young and producing in this decade.
I also finally picked up Vampire Weekend. I had downloaded the album and it grew on me so I bought it.
and Al Green's new album 'Lay it Down' produced by ?uestlove of the Roots. Awesome.

EG: After seeing a few of these YouTube clips, I too am now enamoured of the Ting Tings. They are like a lot of things, but nothing is like them.

Vampire Weekend I have already grown to hate. Sorry. In the Blur vs. Oasis war I chose sides rashly and lost (to be fair Boys and Girls and Country House that they were putting out at the time was not their best work.) I stayed on the fence of the pro/anti Strokes debate until they were a foregone conclusion. I did make the right call on Coldplay by abandoning them after It Was All Yellow. So I must also part company w/ VW lest my batting average go down.

J: I'll give you the ting tings album when you come by. Bring a gig stick or something if you have one or else I'll burn you a cd.


Red said...

Okay, anyone, ANYONE? Was anyone else aware there was a Blur vs. Oasis debate? Because I wasn't even aware of Blur at all until I met EG.

I'm totally not cool enough to read this blog.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Cool tune... very catchy. I think they should have cooler drums in the background during that parts where she says "the drums" over and over and over and over.

Grant Miller said...

I was very aware of the Blur/Oasis debate. Although Oasis ended up conquering the world, Blur scored points for being (amazingly) more English than Oasis - a nearly impossible feat.

Ting Tings. I've heard that song and have meant to download it. Perhaps today. I bought Vampire Weekened and grew bored of it within a week. Although my wife really likes it.

Evil Genius said...

Now I know who my REAL blog friends are!